Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Future.

Breaking right now is so amazing because its just getting bigger, better, faster everyday! It's a great thing what our community of bboy's & bgirl's have accomplished in such a small period of time.. Big companies like Nike or Adidas have never really been interested in what we have to offer.. So we have all these communities of bboy's taking charge of what we want and making it happen everyday! That being said.. The new generation is going to decide were breaking is going to go.. Keep in mind not so long ago breaking was all about vibing out and having a good time and just dancing! We all got into this to get away from the business it was fun and fresh and new! With no problems of stress but the complete opposite.. But now when all you have on your mind is to create sets to win competitions it becomes business, business, business.. And you start to lose everything you learned in the beginning! If you forget that it's about having fun than what are you doing in the first place? This is so much more than just a dance.. And what you bring to the table makes it better! Remember it's because of you guys that bcone is were it's at today.. It's because of you guys that there are city's investing to throw a jam because that's what you guys want! I've done it all at very young age.. And I'm really blessed for that.. I know now i have to go back to the beginning's of my roots.. Because it's about having fun! So just keep this in mind to all you future bboy's & bgirl's the reason why all these competitions are so big now is because of you guys not because of them.. It's because of what we chose.. We the people are the power of this community and we have the control.. It's what we decide.. So whatever you guys decide is going to be the future of bboying... Don't forget to have fun.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Im tired of seeing less dancing.. and more showing off? They shouldn't even call it bboying.. It should be called showcasing!!! Why every time i see a "BBOY" toprocking it looks choreographed?? Is it me or this art form witch we love is going down the drain because our future bboys.. Look more forward to bcone then just breaking to good music.. We all need to wake up from this fake reality and rememeber why we do it in the first place...